Attaching Your Research Paper in RefWorks

Tired of the dog eating your papers, or losing your jump drive? Want to save a draft of your paper in the cloud? You can do it in RefWorks.

First, save your paper either on your computer or on a jump drive. Now, open RefWorks and create a citation.

To create a citation in RefWorks go to References, click Add New. Type your own name as author, and if you wish, give it a title–the same as your paper or the name of the class.

Using the citation you created above, click the Edit symbol: a pencil resting on a pad of paper. The Edit Reference screen appears. Scroll down to the word Attachments, click Browse. Locate your saved paper, click Open. Click Save & Add New.

You should now see a paperclip next to the other icons in the Ref ID line. Also an MS Word icon, a large W positioned over a sheet of paper, will appear under Attachments.

Viola! Your draft is now in the cloud.

To open the paper, click on the paperclip or the Word icon.

Sue Homant, Librarian Consultant