Take a Break and Have a Movie Night!

Day 231: "Movie night"
You don’t need to have Netflix account to find popular and classic movies for your entertainment pleasure! You can get some great titles for free by searching the McNichols Library catalog. Here are a few steps to take that can help you locate some interesting movies:

1. Your home base for all library resources is always http://research.udmercy.edu/ so start there

2. Select the tab titled Books, eBooks, + DVDs

3. Before typing anything into the search box, make sure to select the DVDs only button under the search box. KeywDVDCircled

4. Now try searching for a keyword.

  • Drama returned 2,488 results
  • Comedy returned 662 results
  • And  action returned 381 results

5. You can also search for specific actors, directors, titles, or specific collections like the Criterion Collection. Searching for criterion collection returns 31 results and you can be guaranteed that these are highly acclaimed classics that have stood the test of time. You can also search for television series which returns 538 results.

Whether you want to explore some of the great movies of the past, modern day classics, or some of the latest television and movie titles, the UDM library has something for everyone.