Help for your Hobbies

gardenNow that the semester is winding down, and there are several weeks before classes begin again, it’s a great time to think about relaxing with your favorite hobbies.  Whether you enjoy working on classic cars, cooking up a storm, traveling, or something completely different, the UDM Library has databases with helpful and interesting information on just about everything.

  •  For the classic car enthusiast or anyone who wants to save money repairing their own car, this database includes step-by-step service and repair instructions, vacuum and wiring diagrams, and close-up photos for thousands of cars with makes and models spanning 30 years.

  • Culinary Arts Collection  This database includes recipes, restaurant reviews, and journal articles on cooking and nutrition.   pan

  • Fine Arts & Music Collection  Students and professionals can find fascinating information and articles on drama, music, art history and films by searching or browsing this database.

  • HeritageQuest   Explore your family history by looking through this database, which includes census rolls, slave records, revolutionary war sources, local history books, and veterans records.

  • Home Improvement Collection    This database includes do-it-yourself instructions, tips on selecting tools and materials, and even zoning information for anyone working on a modern or historic home.

  • Pop Culture Collection   This wide-ranging collection covers various aspects of modern arts and culture including sources such as the New Yorker, Billboard, and Film Journal International.

Jill Spreitzer, Librarian