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app with starDo you have any health care apps on your phone? Consumer health or patient apps like My Fitness Pal, WebMD, or Zipnosis? With the explosion of mobile technology and available apps, how do you know that an app is “good”? After all, anyone with a moderate level of coding know-how can create and sell an app. The app just has to work; the information it contains doesn’t have to be correct. Enter iMedicalApps. iMedicalApps is a renown blog written by a team of practicing physicians and other health professionals.  The blog’s purpose is to review mobile medical technology and provide readers with expert opinion and comments on available applications and technologies. Not only does iMedicalApps review technology in terms of usability, the writers review content. They offer sections that detail their likes and dislikes of an app, overall impressions, comments on user interface, and real world applications. Reviews include multiple screenshots of pages within the app so readers have a good idea how the app looks before they download it. Reviews also contain a 1-5 star rating for each section.

How do you know you can trust iMedicalApps? As you are probably aware, readers need to beware of potential biases and conflicts of interest between writers and their subjects. For instance, how do you know the 4-star ratings on that Apple store app you are considering purchasing aren’t written by reviewers paid by the developer? iMedicalApps writers and editors are an unbiased source; they do not create apps. They provide patient care.

iMedicalApps offers multiple lists of “top apps” to highlight apps in various areas: Best Medical Apps Released in 2015, Top 10 Family Medicine apps, 5 best note taking apps for Android, and more.

If you are thinking about using a health app in the future, why not check for an iMedicalApps review before you download. It could save you time and even money.