Michigan Core Collection

Sometimes you may search in the UDM catalog and see a record that indicates the item you want is shelved in the UDM Michigan Core Collection in the Conference Room. The Michigan Core Collection consists of nearly 1,780 items dating back to the 1800′s on various topics all of which concern the State of Michigan or Detroit and its surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs. Do you have an assignment on a particular Detroit landmark such as the old Hudson’s building? The Michigan Core Collection has books on it. Need a book on the history of the auto industry? The Michigan Core Collection has it. How about the art and architecture of Detroit? Look no further than the Michigan Core Collection. The Michigan Core Collection is a rich source for all things Michigan from waterways to old census records, from  the lumber industry to lighthouses.

This collection is what librarians refer to as a “closed collection”. This just means it is not open and available for patrons to browse. If you want an item from this collection just ask and a librarian will pull the item for you. Some of the items in this collection can’t easily be replaced so you may be restricted to library use only or you may check the item out for a short amount of time. Catalog page

Julia Eisenstein, Librarian with assistance from Librarians Kris McLonis, Pat Higo, and Jill Turner

Off Campus Access to Full Text!

If you want to make sure to have the broadest access to your UDM  Library resources while you’re off campus, just be sure to take the following steps: 1. Start at the library’s Research Portal 2. Next, in the upper left, look for the link to Knowledge[Blackboard] 3. Open the link to Knowledge[Blackboard] and login with your username and password 4. Then in the upper right, look for the link to the Re:Search Portal 5. Now that you’re back at the Re:Search Portal, when  you link to a library database you’ll have the same access to full-text articles and ebooks as if you were on campus! 6. If you ever run into a snag simply contact one of our librarians using our chat widget on the Re:Search Portal homepage, or use any one of the options at at the Virtual Reference Desk. Karl Ericson, Librarian


MOOCs, (pronounced mooo-ks), Massive Open Online Courses are free courses taught online by a number of universities: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and many others. The courses range in subject from chemistry, physics, programming, computer science, business, history, political science, philosophy, Nordic film studies, and too many subjects to fully mention here.

Classes have lectures, some both audio and webcasts, they may include written assignments, online discussions, quizzes, and written assignments often graded by other students using rubrics. Courses may offer a certificate of completion.

There are several sites that aggregate the courses from different universities:

Coursera http://www.coursera.org
EdX http://www.edx.org
Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org
Canvas Network http://www.canvas.net
Code Academy http://www.codeacademy.com

Try googling webcasts @ ucberkeley

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