Ebooks – No Kindle Required (or Nook)

Have you searched for a book in the library catalog and seen this?

The title field says electronic source, the location is UDM Electronic Resources, the shelving location is UDM electronic book, the call number ends with eb, and the status is Available online. What does it all mean?

It means that this book is not in the UDM collection in print and does not sit on a shelf. No ink, no paper. It is an ebook or electronic book. Most of the time, an ebook is a digitized version of a print book. The appearance and content are the same.

By clicking on , the book will open up on your computer screen. You can read it page by page, or navigate through by chapter. You can do a keyword search if you are only looking for a specific term. You can highlight text and take notes as you go. No Kindle, no Nook or any other specialized e-reading device is required.

Julia Eisenstein, Librarian Consultant